So, uh, Maybe I Was Wrong About the Playstation Move

Phil Owen from GamingToday: I’ve ripped the Move in the past for hiding costs, saying that gamers will need more than just a single Move controller to do much with it. But I might have been wrong.

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PaPa-Slam3051d ago

Can;t wait to play marvelous games with it, Such as Killzone 3 & Socom.

FlipMode3051d ago

Not interested, I like playing my games with the DS3.

zootang3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )


I'm sure you know someone who hates games. I know a few, I also know that a few of them bought a Wii because they thought they could get into gaming with Motion Controls.

It turns out they want to play games like Cod and Tiger Woods but would like to get full use of their HD set. Would this not be the the perfect solution (move?)

sikbeta3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )


Welcome to N4G = [News] for Gamers


Thanks for sharing your Opinion and don't worry, Move is Optional, so there is no way it can "affect" your gaming experience...


Everything is cool Phil Owen (the author), I was skeptical at the beginning, then after so much Videos and actually showing how the Device work, we can say that Move deliver what it promised, It'll be a great Device and a Great purchase...

FlipMode3051d ago

"Thanks for sharing your Opinion and don't worry, Move is Optional, so there is no way it can "affect" your gaming experience..."

Trust me I already know that.

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blumatt3051d ago

So Kinect hasn't had at least 50 articles too?? Stop being a jackass. About the article, it's good to see him changing his tune a bit. Move combines the best of Kinect and Wii and makes something better. I'm glad Sony is supporting the hardcore with it too. Socom 4, Resident Evil 5, Killzone 3, LBP2, etc.

CrAnKiTuP_013051d ago

he said this: "Kinect article number 3345460"
He's showing how much attention Kinect gets vs Move in his own way.

Why o why3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

people who clink on links to complain about the articles existence. I can understand complaining about its content but its a strange net phenomenon. I cant stand i dont click on his articles to complain..yet some people hate HHG and week after week click on the article to complain. Same with VG chartz. Ive been guilty of it more so because a lot of articles that use vg chartz as a source DONT have vg chartz in the title so i and others get duped.

Anyway these article are gunna be the a new n4g genre like 'comparison' articles. Just another one to skip or read depending on your stance.

O-T its good that some of the doubters have changed their viewpoints on psM. It definitely seems to have covered most of the bases and at least more bases than the wii or kinect.

To be fair to r2D2 he said the same thing in a kinect article and things can get tedious. Best thing is to stay away from the source of the annoyance if you ask me but this article is different in that the writer is actually taking a step back. Not many people can admit fault nowadays.

thereapersson3051d ago

Well play games with the DS3, then. Move will be optional; they're not going to release SOCOM: Move edition, and force you to use the damn thing.

It's not like Natal, where there is no controller involved at all. Most, if not all, Move titles will have the option of using the DS3 controller. So if you're completely averse to playing with the Move, you do have an option.

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tiamat53051d ago

Everyone always judges everything Sony does as harshly as possible before getting the facts

raztad3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Absolutely true, and for some obscure reason the most predictions are doom and gloom.


Hey good job finding one positive article.

DelbertGrady3051d ago

Like in this article:

People in the comment section were a tad overly critical against Sony.

bjornbear3051d ago

so i guess everyone outside N4G is anti sony.

or maybe there is just no way of telling, and everyone is acting like a baby pointing the finger.

i don't know, I just like reading the news.

IdleLeeSiuLung3051d ago

What news? The entire site is about flamebait articles, rumours, speculation, top 10 lists and a heap of mis-information!

It's basically news for gamers by the amateur blogging crowd looking for hits!

Christopher3051d ago

Thanks for the chuckle, Soda.

BlackTar1873051d ago

its so much better to cry about it over and over again like i see you 2 do in most articles.

if its so pro sony then leave it doesn't make any sense or do any good to jump into all the articles crying foul and how the 360 community on this site doesn't exist. its getting old if your gonna keep bucking the ps3 love then leave maybe.

i don't mean to sound overly harsh but it get old reading certain people say ohh but N4g ps3 only site whaah over and over. I play every system all the time. i like this site pointing out flame bait a million times is pretty lame. I would understand if you made some type of progress but you obv. haven't and if anything its getting smaller and smaller.

i go into 360 articles and i post my thoughts and ps3 articles and wii articles. this game of playing the victim all the time by CERTAIN members of the PRO 360 only crowd gets kinda old. I say the same to the PS3 crowd but they do have something right now and its called #'s

stevenhiggster3051d ago

I love all the moaning about N4G being pro Sony, either some of you have very short memories or just weren't here in 2007-08 and most of 09. It was all doom and gloom Sony articles and nothing but Sony bashing in the comments sections, so you could say what you're seeing now is poetic justice.

HarryM3051d ago

Are you kidding? Someone got 95 Agrees just for saying " I approve of this message"..

While most of the other comments are purely fanboys... >_>

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djfullshred3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

In general too many people are judging too many gaming products too harshly before getting the facts these days. It is the age of rampant overreaction due to trusting every dumb thing people post on the Internet (which is terribly unrealiable for accurate information).

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Tony-Red-Grave3051d ago

sony is a hardware company the move is hardware see the connection

utendoof3051d ago

It's nice to actually see someone on the internet actually be humble. +2 respect

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