New Tales Announcement Is Just More Narikiri Dungeon X Info

Tales Union writes: "Last month we reported on a tweet from Namco Bandai's Makoto Yoshitsumi, the executive producer for Tales of Vesperia and producer for Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Symphonia, about a recent interview he has just completed with Famitsu. It turns out that said interview had nothing to do with the new Tales announcement, however."

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ShawnCollier2749d ago

Yeah, Namdai made it sound a lot more important than it really was.

JDouglasGU2749d ago

hopefully fans get a new title

Sanrin2749d ago

Fo cereal. Cool game though.

Hardedge2749d ago

Aww I thought it was something bigger :(

Game-ur2749d ago

The publishing of Tales games is frustrating, they rarely make two games for a single platform, how could they hope to build or sustain a fan base?
I went from TOS on GameCube, to TO Abyss on PS2, to TOV on 360, TO TOS2 on Wii, after TOG they will make one for the PS3…WTF?
They should ether stick to a platform for at least a generation or go multiplatform.

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