Halo 3's 4-Player Coop Is A Hyped Cop-Out

The big news regarding Halo 3, ever since this year's E3 business and media summit, has been all about the coop: Four-player this and four-player that. Now that Bungie has officially let the news loose about the four-player coop over Xbox Live and system link, the author feels that maybe it was a bit of a let-down. Especially given the build-up surrounding the buzz-worthy news.

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Jay da 2KBalla3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

"Now M$ fanboys, turn your eyes from this paragraph for a moment, because you’re not going to like what you’re about to read. But Sony’s first-person shooter exclusive for the PS3, Haze, (yes, the deal was made with Ubisoft at this year’s E3, in case you haven’t heard) actually prompts for four-player coop online, four-player coop offline, and a story mode that was built from the ground up with multiplayer cooperative modes in mind. See, that is this sort of thing that makes a gamer giddy all over."

Umm, haze is exclusive to ps3 this year and will be coming to 360 next year. And just because 4 player co-op was announced for halo 3 second doesnt mean it added simply because haze had it. Why in the world would bungie be worried about haze anyway? Everybody knows that halo3 is going to kill it in terms of sales and popularity anyway.

And the only reason 4 player co-op for halo3 is being overhyped instead of for haze is because the simple fact that halo has a strong brand name and huge fanbase and any halo news is going to be hyped up and haze is a new ip. Plus four player co-op in halo 3 is going to be the sh1t.

Personally, I cant wait to play both games on my 360.

closedxxx3947d ago

I fell in love with the original Halo because I sat down multiple times next to a buddy to blast through the campaign missions while throwing back a respectable amount of beer. SO much so that I ended up staggering upstairs to my bedroom (after beating the game on LEGENDARY!) and nearly urinating on my girlfriend (now wife) in my drunken state.

All I'm saying is... Halo is a blast to play cooperatively, and I personally see myself getting more gameplay out of the online co-op than the other online multiplayer modes.

Omegasyde3946d ago

I agree, I am still trying to figure out how it was a cop-out.

I believe the author of that article doesn't know the meaning of
"cop out". Or the meaning of the "Halo Effect".

Zhuk3947d ago

People are making a big deal about Halo 3 co-op because it is massively popular, while HAZE is an unproven franchise that has nothing on the Halo fanbase. People want Halo 3 news, not HAZE news.

I think it's great both games have 4 player online co-op, but who really cares about 4 player offline co-op??? playing co-op with 4 tiny squares on my tv sounds like a crap idea to me.

any supposed journalist who says 'M$' loses any credibility and respect from me.

crck3947d ago

I use a 110" screen with my projector. So yes 4 player co-op split screen is very welcome in Haze and Warhawk. That being said I dont agree with the article either. Seems like someone who is just fishing for something to cry about in regards to Halo 3.

nasim3947d ago

HAZE is a realistic shooter.

HALO 3 is a cartoon game with powerranger KIDS in green diapers.

this is not last gen

no one wants a cartoon game anymore

Zhuk3947d ago

maybe if i had an IMAX screen i'd like 4 player offline co-op, but sadly i'm stuck with my 32inch hdtv :(

[email protected] over 4 million pre-orders of Halo 3 say your wrong

i Shank u3947d ago

Halo 3 does have offline 4player co-op, in the form of system link; hell he even mentions it in his article! this is the best way to play offline co-op for sure, but the fact that it's forced sucks, why do they do that? and yea, this author sucks. he says "look away M$ fanboys" and "yea, thats right, haze is exclusive to PS3" like hes got an attitude, whattadouche

MoonDust3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Seriously. Mentality of a monkey.

candystop3947d ago

I thought that halo 3 recently hit 5 million preorders according to gamestop I believe! Anyway Halo is not a cartoon game and will sell no matter how much you hate Nasim lol!

sjappie3946d ago

"HAZE is a realistic shooter"

Nektar anyone?

Omegasyde3946d ago

You should of used "Socom" instead of "haze" as a comparison.

But still Halo isn't cartoonish its an
"Arcade Style first person shooter" that.., wait a second, Haze is also.

Realism? Try Rainbow 6, or Socom. Heck you want even more, get into PC gaming. Haze might beat it the graphics department but like all the post above me....
Haze is an unproven franchise vs Platinum seller.

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castdreams3947d ago

This article sounds like it was written by a ten-year old.

Trauma3947d ago

Yeah an angry ten year old that wants the Halo hype for Haze.

ALIEN3947d ago

I like this idea. I don't care who came up wit this idea first, I know i heard it first from Ubisoft. Can't wait to play HAZE on my PS3 n HALO3 on my 360.

sticky doja3947d ago

Kinda glad Haze isn't commin out on 360 this year, got to much money invested in to many other blockbusters right now. And I doubt I will grow tired of Halo 3 any time before next year. I'm still not tired of Halo 2.

EZCheez3947d ago

I was playing SWAT 3 on the PC almost a decade ago with 4 player online coop. It was fun then and i'm sure it will be when Haze and Halo 3 come out as well. Most PC gamers would laugh at the inclusion of this even being news.

iceice1233947d ago

Filled with so much failure, Halo ripping off 4 player co-op, filth idiotic filth. I guess to bring attention to your game you say the big one copied you. HAZE COPIED HUNTER THE RECKONING FOR THE XBOX IT HAD 4 PLAYER CO-OP! See how easy that was :)