Can Video Game Screenshots Double as Fine-Art Photography?

Bitmob: A little over a week ago, I stumbled upon a website called Dead End Thrills, filled with hundreds of images that blur the line between video game screenshots and legitimate photography.

Screenshots are a pretty big part of gaming media, but how many of us really spend time admiring them anymore? Does anyone have a favorite screenshot that you like to have pasted on your desktop or what have you? When is the last time you've looked at a screenshot and called it "pretty" on its own merits?

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TheLancer3078d ago

Wait, so screenshots can be art but the whole game cannot be? ;)

ctrlrz3078d ago

He said: "I’ll feel more sympathy towards the “video games are art” crowd once they stop being so picky about whether video games are video games. These guys are often incredibly dismissive of casual gaming (the games that, in my opinion, are often the most art like—irony, look it up) yet I’m expected to care that their feelings and egos are hurt that Roger Ebert (film critic) is dismissive of their passion?"