Heavenly Sword Hands-On Preview

It's no secret that Heavenly Sword has been in the works for some time. Most people were initially hyped about it, but then, for some reason the hype died down. Perhaps it's the fire Sony has come under for its "interesting" business decisions, or maybe it's because it's been promised for so long. However, CCC for one would like to revive the hype because this title looks just amazing.

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WIIIS13973d ago

I just realized how much my girlfriend looks like Nariko.

WaggleLOL3973d ago

We really should wait for the Xbots over at EGM/1UP to tell us 'teh controls suck' or 'not as shiny as teh Gears of War' before jumping to conclusions that Sony has yet another AAA hit with amazing graphics on their hands...

Xwow3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

it,s the best game in 2007.

edit:WaggleLOL you are right bubble for you.

MarioFromTexas3973d ago

Now I can welcome everyone to NEXTGENERATION....I just found out that this game was originaly was going to be a 360 exclusive, the first footage look terrible and it was lacking in quality, I guess Sony saw something special and now we have this beautiful game power by the PS3..You can truely see what the PS3 is capable off...

crck3973d ago

It was originally a xbox title.

Xwow3973d ago

nice comment mario also bubble for

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