Medal of Honor: single- and multiplayer analyzed

Cynamite has checked out Medal of Honor in detail. That's what they think about the game.

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Square2749d ago

I prefer the Singleplayer... Somehow I don't like MP-gaming.

ger1012748d ago

Agree...unless it's co-op.

I hate deathmatch, CTF, etc.

beavis4play2748d ago

yea, co-op is fun.......but that's it.

BeaArthur2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

MP is very average. Stick with BFBC2. Or even CoD.

orange-skittle2748d ago

This game is going to TANK!!!! It's a COD and BFBC ripoff. The graphics are not that good and the environments aren't even destructible. The game was so bad, I deleted it 30 minutes after a long ass download. It was taking up valuable HDD space.

Garnett2748d ago

DICE is making it, so it explains the lag, it also explains why its a CoD rip off.

DICE needs to stop trying to be other games and create REAL battlefield games.

MrAwesome2748d ago

This game surprises us. Until now it looks like the best MoH though.

Colonel-Killzone2748d ago

Multiplayer needs to be fixed. Especially the grenades...... The single player might be good though.

DoucheVader2748d ago

Watching a few trailers and playing a BETA makes you an expert now? :P

God I hate Cynamite. Crap content.

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