GTA IV's 1st Xbox 360 Episode Slated For Fiscal '08: Take Two informs Joystiq

Joystiq reports what that a Take Two spokesperson told them about GTA4's Xbox 360 episodes:
"While we can't comment on the confidential contractual agreement, we still plan to deliver the first episodic content for Xbox 360 in fiscal 2008."

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StormSoldier3915d ago

this sucks i want gta4 now damn it

Lightning Mr Bubbles3915d ago

But now instead of waiting between the release and the Episode it comes pretty soon after. That's why they said that the delay changes nothing about the contract.

BIadestarX3915d ago

I just hope they release it before people lose interest on the game.

kewlkat0073914d ago

GTA franchise is proven, and rockstar, always tries to outdo the last GTA game. Many followers of this game are still playing san andreas on PS/xbox.

Just like Halo 3, plenty will wanna see the new and Next-Gen GTA game. The graphics and the content will be enough to sway some. Plus xbox360/Ps3 might be cheaper by then.

This game will compete with KZ2 an dMGS4, I think in terms of time frame, and with those still grabbing achievements of Xbox360 (holiday) games as well. Now everyone expects a better game so the wait will be worth it, when you make that pre-order/purchase.

tomfoolery3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Is the 50 mill from M.S. helping to finance these?
If so,what a pile of B.S.on Rockstars behalf.
I wonder if there's plans for a 360 exlusive somewhere in there?
If not,Rockstar are bigger Sonyfanboys than any of you trolls in here.

Batman773914d ago

If Rockstar is the biggest sonyfanboy, then why is GTA4 multi-platform?

Alvadr3914d ago

I wish Rockstar were Sony fanboys! That would be awesome.

tomfoolery3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

doesn't mean they don't harbor favoritism towards Sony.
Batman77,these are theories,not fact (yet).

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