NowGamer Review: Toy Story 3 (PS3)

NowGamer reviews Disney Interactive's Toy Story 3 on PS3

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Pumbli2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )


How is it old if it's a new game?

BannedForNineYears2749d ago

It was released a month ago in the US.
Reviewing a game a month after it comes out = old.
In my opinion at least.

Quagmire2748d ago

Now i know why you only have 2bubs

GoldenGamer2749d ago

Im failing to see how it is old when it hasnt been released in UK yet?

Close_Second2749d ago

...but I'm sorry to say Pixar, I'm holding off for LBP2.

Downtown boogey2749d ago

You're not seeing the movie because you wanna buy LBP2 instead?

Close_Second2748d ago

...I'm not buying the game because I'm waiting for LBP2.

Honestly, you have to spell out everything for some of the people in here otherwise they feel obliged to be smart a$$es.

2748d ago
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