No Comment: Halo 3 in Amsterdam

Frank O'Connor and Brian Jarrad talk about "After Halo", the first levels of the game, story writing in video games, the movie and more.

Edit: How can I embed the video when there isn't an option for me to do so?

Just click View Video, it's as simple as that.

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ShiftyLookingCow3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

good find

iceice1233974d ago

poor M$ releasing yadayada...

I guess worth the watch, nothing new, though : /.

HardKnockKid243974d ago

While interesting, there are spoilers in there. It may or may not be big for some people, I know that I however almost cracked my monitor screen in frustration when the second guy started saying things I didnt want revieled to me before the release. Oh well.

Daxx3974d ago

Frankie made a good point on how we can relate different objects from the movie Star Wars and from Halo.