Here's Why Gaming Could Be Apple's Winning Ticket Into The Living Room

Sfgate writes:

If Apple is going to make another run at the living room -- its first attempt, the Apple TV, is a dud -- then its best strategy may be with a gaming-focused console.

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TrevorPhillips3047d ago

We already have Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. We don't want Apple into the gaming industry do we...

Darkstorn3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

The thumbnail for the article looks like Saddam Hussein...

TrevorPhillips3047d ago

Let me guess, it failed right

qface643047d ago

no it didn't fail one bit saying it failed is putting it nicely

it TANKED, BOMBED, FLOPPED and the list goes on

WildArmed3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

It was soo bad that they stopped producing at 100k..
and it only sold around 40k -.-
Not only that.. it was priced @ 600$..
now they are selling Ipads for one grand a pop -.-

Here's the controller LOL

Now you know the reason why sony changed the look of the controllers (PS3).
There were one coincidence too many!

Good move Sony.. good move!
Back to God of war 3! :D hades, here i come!

agingerbreadbum3046d ago

that was before they were well known... now if they release it and advertize they way they do their other products, they'll make a killing

PotNoodle3046d ago

Apple didn't try. They were contracted to make the hardware for Namco Bandai, it wasn't really an Apple console, just made by them.

gietzy3046d ago

I don't think Apple can successfully enter the home console Market. To be successful you have to be relatively cheap which would damage Apples brand which is based on an expensive high end image which could be damaged by bringing out a powerful console for less than the iPad or iPhone.

Silver3603046d ago

At this stage in the console cycle developers are getting to know the big three's machines fairly well. A new machine would raise the price of development again. Also the developers that make games for the i(whatever) are making portable casual games. Do they have what it takes to get the hardcore early adopter to by a gaming console? Where is that killer game and would they be able to compete with Sony or MS without building a $600 machine. IT cost MS 5billion to push its way into this market. IS Apple willing to take a hit on that level?

forcefullpower3046d ago

There are 3 consoles already on the market at the moment. There is no way in hell that an Apple console will do well. So why do we still keep seeing these stupid articles on apple should release a console.

I asked same question to friends both casual and hardcore on both apple releasing a new console You know what there answer was. We already have a Wii for the casual s. The hardcore guys just laughed. Yes i only know guys that play games. I have yet to meet the mythical fit hardcore girl. :(

Pedobear Rocks3046d ago

another arrogant company in the gaming space lead by a douche. They'd have to have Kottick and Jobs fight to the death for the title of biggest anal cysts.


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