Get Singularity with Free Graphic Novel for $39.99

Today’s deal, offers the recently released Singularity from Raven Software for 33% off the regular retail price.

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Sev3072d ago

$20 off already? Anyone play the game? I know nothing about it.

Trexman893071d ago

I did. it was a good game. multiplayer was fun too, but there is absolutely nobody playing online. I put videos in the forums if you want to check them out :)

wolfehound223072d ago

I did of course. Fun game overall. Decent buy at $40. If u like bioshock it gives u a similar feeling. Not as good but similar.

dopeboimagic923072d ago

Hmm, might have to pick up on this deal.

Lifewish3072d ago

Solid deal yet I still have no desire to buy it

JonnyBigBoss3072d ago

Is this game worth the dive? It looks pretty cool and this is a great deal...

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