IncGamers: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Demo Impressions

IncGamers' Andy Alderson takes to the streets of Shanghai in IO's gritty crime sequel.

From the preview:

"Now, if you're an IncGamers regular, you'll most probably know that we've been looking forward to Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. You can check out our reasoning in our column on the game, but to summarise, it's this: Kane & Lynch was an above-average idea that became a below-average game. The idea of a gritty, dysfunctional crime duo is appealing and Lynch, God bless him, is a fascinating, if somewhat repulsive, character."

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Djorgo3047d ago

It's such an odd couple. I like the franchise.

Maticus3047d ago

The odd match is what's appealing to me.

Chazmers3047d ago

cannot wait for this game!

AndyA3047d ago

Lynch is a great character. Hope they incorporate his psychosis into gameplay like they did in the first game.