Crispin Freeman Interview [RPG Site]

We always love chatting to voice actors, so when we got the chance to chat to Crispin Freeman - a veteran voice actor from games including White Knight Chronicles, the Tales series, God of War and Rude in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - we grabbed it with both hands.

Crispin was kind enough to go into great detail on his work ethic, the games he's appeared in as well as his hobbies and interest outside of standing in a voice recording booth voicing famous characters. Here's the full interview!

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patterson3046d ago

I enjoyed reading this. Crispin was awesome in the Xenosaga series. Classy as always.

RustyMagus3045d ago

Nicely done RPGsite. Crispin Freeman is a great voice actor and it was fun to read him delve into the more deeper side of voicing video games/animation