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Submitted by Cat 2029d ago | news

N4G Vindictus Swag Giveaway

Today N4G is kicking off a giveaway for those of you that want to get your hands on some E3 swag from Nexon! These Spirit Hoods (pictured right) were in high demand and very short supply at E3, but Nexon helped N4G get their paws on the Vindictus themed goodies for you.

1st: Wolf Spirit Hood
2nd: Wolf Spirit Hood
3rd: Vindictus t-shirt
4th: Vindictus t-shirt

How to Enter:
1) Change your N4G Avatar to something from Nexon's new title (currently in closed beta) Vindictus.
2) Comment on this News Submission before Midnight (PST) on Saturday, July 17, 2010.

-More comments will not net you more entries, just one needed!
-Winners will be chosen at random and notified via PM
-These are real life, material prizes. Entrants should be willing to provide a valid mailing address
-Entrants are not limited to the Continental US
-Please direct any questions to Catastrophe ( ) (E3, PC, Vindictus)

Update The random number generator has chosen the victors, and they have been notified via PM! Congratulations to the winners, and to all the participants - stay tuned for more freebies!

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mrv321  +   2032d ago
As a gamer free stuff is good.
toaster  +   2032d ago
Google Images search comes up with scantily clad women and womens in beds. Oh yeah.. there was a logo in there too... I think...
Brewski007  +   2031d ago
I want the wolf spirit hood.. I think i could get my girlfriend to wear it on a rainy night :P :)

<3 SWAG!!! <3
Noctis Aftermath  +   2031d ago
Woah, it's not limited to the US? i'm in then!
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Shani  +   2031d ago
It looks really nice game..
yey for not only US contest..
and yey for swags..
RatFuker  +   2031d ago
gimme dat nasty stuff
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2032d ago
lol us with 2 bubbles wont win nothing lol
kingjoker34  +   2031d ago
yay free stuff:)
memots   2031d ago | Off topic | show
HeroXIV  +   2032d ago
I've been looking at Vindictus since I saw the first trailer. But I probably won't win! :'(
cyborg  +   2032d ago | Well said
Ya, gimme
fossilfern  +   2032d ago
Hmmm i dunno if my Avatar is clear enough :(
marceloalves  +   2032d ago
I also think it will be very complicated so I'll try to win
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DA_SHREDDER  +   2032d ago
Game looks cool, but my lap top couldn't run this. Otherwise I would love to try to beta.
Eiffel  +   2032d ago | Well said
Love these giveaways, here's hopping and good luck to everyone!
copium  +   2032d ago
I will win
AuToFiRE  +   2032d ago | Funny
I better win something, i now lost my favorite avatar ive ever made for this
user9422077  +   2032d ago
Free stuff for the win, I guess. ;)
Cocodor  +   2032d ago
Do want !
Free stuff is good, especially coming for a mmo as promising as Vindictus :)
cropped my avatar from the Vindictus website, hopt it's ok ;)
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VonAlbrecht  +   2032d ago
I'm more excited for this game than anything. Having some free swag will only sweeten the deal.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2032d ago
Myself and a colleague stood at the front row of the last Vindictus giveaway at E3 for an hour and 35 minutes. I remember one of the cute girls on the stage handing a spirit hood to who I thought was me, and it braced my hand for a short moment before she gave it to the guy behind me. There was actually a small riot at the right-side of the stage where some small girl got trampled by some guys who really wanted a hood. I remember my feet were numb for about 2 hours after I left since there was no space to move. Thankfully I met some cool people who were also waiting and they made the time go by faster.

Needless to say, these hoods are really nice and my sister would literally cry in joy if I gave her one. Here's to hoping I get luckier this time around!

Oh, and by the way, the game is actually really good. I've played a handful of free MMOs from SpaceCowboys to Rappelz, and wasn't really a fan of any of them. Vindictus has some great appeal and I'll definitely be playing it when it comes out.
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Uwe_Boll  +   2032d ago
hope mines clear enough. Its Lucius! :)
JonnyBigBoss  +   2032d ago
That's a character from EVE Online, a completely different MMORPG. He's an Amarr character.
whothedog  +   2032d ago
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zaza20   2032d ago | Spam
whothedog  +   2032d ago
Making me change my hamster holding a cigarette avatar, its a sad day today.

haha thanks for the contest though!
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HopHead  +   2032d ago
Here is my comment give me some stuff :)
ApexHell  +   2032d ago
i can not wait for this game
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2032d ago
Commenting, wolf spirit hoodie is a cool name, thus implies cool design :)
Vip3r  +   2032d ago | Well said
Only websites of win give away free stuff.
Tsuru  +   2031d ago
Im TOTALLY ready for this game. and im totally ready to win that hat!!!!!
zmanster  +   2031d ago
I know its small but i cant use photo editors worth crap.
MomoRocks07  +   2031d ago
I need one
OMGOODNESS! The whole time at E3 I was trying to get one of these, I was working at a booth unfortunately, I even went there on my breaks and got trampled on, it was a nightmare, I even tried talking it up with the maker of these hats but he was kinda mean and lead me on like he was going to give it to me and didn't! =[
I WOULD SELL MY SOUL FOR IT...SHHHH! No but in all seriousness I would be the luckiest girl in all of the land!
PLEASE PICK ME! Here is my cheap Ebay imitation but it doesn't compare to the Vinditictus Spirit Hood! & You know I'll be rocking this everyday!

<333333 MOMO
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DORMIN  +   2031d ago
I saw these at E3 too and after an hour found the booth but they said they had already had given them all away! =(

Do want, Good luck everyone!
MomoRocks07  +   2031d ago
Oh no! I knew about them the whole time and still tried to get one every chance I had, but was always unsuccessful =[ Hopefully I have better luck here, it makes me so mad ppl are selling them on Ebay too! I wouldn't let it leave my hands!
slicky  +   2031d ago
I want
I want one!
oasis789  +   2031d ago
YES! Nexon has never failed me with their epic cuteness. Count me in and good luck to all!
nikkisixx2  +   2031d ago
Great giveaway idea, hope I win :D.
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PickAShoe  +   2031d ago
Bah Bah Bah i hope i will win.
ozone3000  +   2031d ago
ive had my eye on those hoodies for a while now ;)...but a shirt would be good too!
Xulap  +   2031d ago
I'm in desperate need of new clothes. This would be a nice addition to my closet!

And I've never heard of this game, honestly. But I might check it out now.
PeterGriffinSays  +   2031d ago
Nexon ftw.
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