Twisted Gamer Radio - We've Got Rainbows, ADHD, and Real Dolls

Hey guys! Justin and Dalyn back here again for our weekly installment of Twisted Gamer Radio. Thanks so much for checking us out and listening to our dumb retarded asses. It doesn’t go unnoticed. We’ve got another jam packed funny and informative podcast for you guys so check out the show notes and give her a listen!

On today’s show:

- UK Metro Links Video Games To ADHD
- 12% Of The UK Can’t See 3D
- Game Boy Condoms
- Online Game Gives Out Blowup Doll As Award
- Sound Clip Corner: Double Rainbows Across The Sky!

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Prcko3076d ago

always when i read twisted i think about twisted metal news lol

McCullster3076d ago

@Prcko - Thanks man, we're kind of like Twisted Metal news? We talk about all kinds of f#@*ed up news that other people don't touch, similar to rockers trashing a hotel room. :D Is that a good analogy? Maybe....