Mass Effect: Burning Questions

Mass Effect was easily one of the most moving demos of E3. For the first time, IGN got a glimpse at the stirring plotlines and fantastic character development that BioWare has become known for. Once the shock and awe wore off, they began to crave more. Now, Casey Hudson provides more details on BioWare's next big game.

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This game has been pretty much finished since E3, & they'll have a few more months to tweak & polish. I have been waiting for this game since it was announced, & it's finally just around the corner. There are plenty of oustanding titles for Xbox360 this Fall, but Mass Effect is going to pwn me for quite some time.

kewlkat0073943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

That's a Sweet pic, I never seen that one before. I need to get my 40 inch 1080p, really soon. I take paypal, if anybody wants to chip in..hehe

Hopefully this game is polished..

Is this game suppose to be a trilogy?

I like this one..

Dr Pepper3943d ago

"Is this game suppose to be a trilogy?"


ben hates you3943d ago

GN: Can you give me a copy of the game now?

is the first thing i would say

Dr Pepper3943d ago

This game will be epic. The graphics, the plot, an entire galaxy to explore...

Sounds like it will be one of the closet things to a perfect gaming experience.

Zhuk3943d ago

only word to explain this game is 'incredible'

MarioFromTexas3943d ago

The controls look almost the same

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The story is too old to be commented.