Hands-on: BioShock

BioShock is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed System Shock titles. The game has no narrative ties to the previous games and doesn't share too much in common with their gameplay either, but the creepy atmosphere and thoughtful design that made the System Shock games so special are fully intact and betray BioShock's unspoken heritage.

Futuristic space-stations have been replaced by the underwater city of Rapture, a dystopian 1950s society where ambition and hubris caused the population to self-destruct. Irrational Games have streamlined the RPG and inventory systems from their previous games and rebalanced the experience with a greater focus on combat. Now as much a shooter as an adventure or RPG, BioShock gives players a host of weapons and abilities to dispatch and manipulate enemies at their discretion...

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"Declaring BioShock as a 2007 game of the year candidate after walking out of the non-playable demo at E3 2006 may have been a bit of a leap of faith. Not this time. After getting our hands on a nearly complete version of the game, we can say with some certainty that BioShock will be one of the best games released this year, and will likely be one of the most memorable titles released this generation. It’s unlike anything we’ve experienced in the genre to date"

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET !! Glad I got this baby preordered !!!