Get Your Medal Of Honor PC/PS3 Beta Key Here

Did you not get in to the Medal of Honor beta? Well, now you can! I frequent and ran across a deal today in my RSS reader that is handing out FREE Medal of Honor beta keys on both the PS3 and PC platforms. Right now, is giving away these beta keys for both North America and Europe. Head over there now if you want to get your hands on a key to download the upcoming Medal of Honor multiplayer beta. At the moment they have 71 percent of the keys left so hurry up and go there now, no telling how many people will do this! Link and instructions after the jump.

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nickjkl3073d ago

why are they giving away beta keys eveywhere

as if its something special

zerosignalxst3073d ago

I got my beta key from the Best Buy website giveaway.

If EA thinks I'm gonna pay $60 for a game that felt pretty much exactly the same as a game I already paid for (MW2), they can kiss my ass.

duplissi3073d ago

i have one question for you: do you have cod4? if you do then congratulations youve already done that...

a bit hypocritical isnt it?

PshycoNinja3073d ago

We will see if it's as bad as everyone says.

nickjkl3073d ago

it looked more like abad company clone

UnwanteDreamz3073d ago

Looks like the bastard child of MW2 and BC2.

chak_3073d ago

sucks, already uninstalled. No patch with ever make that a good game.

Not even a 10 Tb one

hiredhelp3073d ago

a patch could salavage a bad job but be big one.however guys remeber tis a beta. this maynot be the game there in middle of programming but a game they had going on last year who knows. all i can do is hope when does come out it look more like bad comapny 2.than a poor clone to cod4

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The story is too old to be commented.