Lair: Edge on controls and other features

No doubt the controls will continue to be tweaked as the development zeroes in on its release date, but beyond the occasional ungainliness of the game's core mechanic, early previews of Lair raise other concerns in its peripheral features and the manner in which the game ties together into a coherent whole - elements that are unlikely to see radical change between now and release.

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Loudninja3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

No doubt the controls will continue to be tweaked as the development zeroes in on its release date.

Those are the key words, this build they were playing was not new

nasim3920d ago

yes the EDGE preview build is over 1 year old.

IGN and GS previewed and LOved the newest BUILD of LAIR

LAIR is day 1 purchase for me

ReconHope3920d ago

the new builds got good reviews.

razer3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

So are we going to keep seeing LAIR articles until suddenly everyone says.."This game doesn't stink after all"??

Alert!! Alert!! Damage control in progess!

peksi3919d ago

I'd say normal reasoning with optimism.

ReconHope3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

the magazine had the old build....what are you babbling about? so i guess your hear to "damage" or whatever you want to call it..real immature dude..

WaggleLOL3920d ago

Hear that sound? It is whatever credibility EGM/1UP might have still had before this latest attempt at trashing another PS3 titles going down the drain...

The dimwitted Xbots at EGM/1Up could have been smart and just given Lair a 7 and been happy knowing they help lower the overall score average for the game, but instead they tried to be greedy and trash the game down to the 5s...

and now they are paying the price for their idiotic Xbox fanboyism.

okcomputer3920d ago

Yea I always thought 1up was biased, but I used to give them the benefit of the doubt. But between the lair crap, their totally biased way of "subtracting" points from warhawk when not applying the same system to a similar game from ms, and the killzone 2 skepticism its pretty obvious now that they are to sony what fox news is to democrats.

WIIIS13920d ago

What are you celebrating about? The Edge preview pretty much confirms EGM's take on the controls.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3920d ago

I meant to agree with you and instead I disagreed accidently. I hate when that happens. It's happened before, just not paying careful enough. So you have 4 agree and 2 disagrees not 3 & 3.

ReconHope3920d ago

the controls seem to be loved or hated
Thankfully it feels responsive without being twitchy and with a little practice - we're talking less than a few minutes - gliding past the spotlights becomes second nature. The task is made considerably easier by your dragon's ability to hover, enabling you to wait for the spotlight to pass before swooping under. It can dash too, so if you accidentally stray into the light - at which point the Mokai hammer your winged beast with fireballs - you can quickly escape back into the safety of the darkness

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The story is too old to be commented.