Interview: Dragon Quest Creator Horii's Talks Evolving Appeal With DQIX

As Dragon Quest IX debuts in North America, Gamasutra talks to noted franchise creator Yuji Horii about evolving the franchise, the changes that portability and network functions bring, and his hopes for Western success.

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DA_SHREDDER3050d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Im so sick of seeing my favorite franchise only be on the DS. Where is my next gen Dragon Warrior game Mr. Horii? Ive been waiting for a true sequel to the series since Dragon Warrior 5. Dragon warrior 6 never got released here in America, and Dragon Warrior 7 is for some reason not on the psn yet? You guys want success but you only sell on the Nintendo platform? This is bullshit!

PS360WII3049d ago

DQ is always found on the most selling console. Thus why the move to the DS. Unlike the Final Fantasy series SE doesn't seem to want to flood the gates with DQ titles which is nice. 5 and 6 never made it outside of Japan, though finally seeing that US and EU like DQ titles and that the DS kicks butt they remade IV and VI on the DS as well as VI which should be coming out sometime I hope.

DQVII might make the PSN in Japan but I don't see it coming elsewhere really. Plus DQX is coming to the Wii because it's has the most sales not because it's a Nintendo console. If the PS3 had more or even the 360 that's where the series would go to.