10 Xbox Games to Play on your 360

Be it backwards compatibility or stuffed somewhere in the Games on Demand service via Xbox Live, these are titles that shouldn’t be missed, regardless of being on the Xbox or not.

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codyodiodi3072d ago

I fully agree that they need to bring back Mechassault onto the Xbox 360 in terms off adding a patch for backwards compatibility. I would love to play that game, especially if they allowed us to do it online as well.
Actually scratch that, how about they make Mech Assault on the Xbox 360 :)

N4GAddict3072d ago

All the original Xbox Live servers were closed down for the Xbox.

AndrewG0093072d ago

Sadly, it's true. But I wouldn't say no to a next-gen Mechassault, which a reboot is supposedly in the works I believe.

darthv723072d ago

you can still enjoy the single player aspect. I like mechassault, crimson skies, panzer dragoon orta, halo games, black but sadly...can't enjoy MGS2 substance unless i pull out the big old box.

Why that didnt get a bc patch is beyond me. Could it be..duh duh blocked it through deals with konami?

Yeah..that is just the conspiracy theory mel gibson inside me trying to sneak out.

Yi-Long3072d ago

... the game they need to bring back is rallisport Challenge 2! The greatest racegame of last-gen!

PeterGriffinSays3072d ago

That game was ahead of its time.

TheXgamerLive3071d ago

Theif III deadly shadows, quite possibly the best stealth action game ever and a great story. I'm super happy that a Theif IV is being made finally for the Xbox 360. I'll be first in line.

Inside_out3072d ago

I still own both Mechassault 1 & 2...I thought they were both BC. I think they are working on a title but why so's a trailer for Mechwarrior, it looks awesome.The trailer is from 2009..weird how the Nintendo DS had a Mechassault game???.

FPS Black is highly recommended. One of the best FPS's with excellent graphics and destructible environments that came out ( '05 ) at the end of last gen. If you want to see where MW2 blatantly stole there ideas like the Gulag from, check it out. The vids don't do it justice...

Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 was/is still a great looking game. Way ahead of it's time as were many Star Wars games...sadly, Pandemic is closed now.

HolyOrangeCows3072d ago

It's a good list, but just play KOTOR 1/2 on any PC instead; the framerate gets too unstable playing it in BC.

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N4GAddict3072d ago

Is Shenmue 2 compatible? If it is than I highly recommend it.

dizzleK3072d ago

shame they never made the otogi games bc. at least call of cthulhu is.

Anarki3072d ago

DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!! Otogi was the best and only game on the original xbox worth playing! I'd do backflips if they allowed us to play it on 360, seriously!!!


Cold 20003072d ago

Panzer Dragoon Orta, holla ^^

SOAD3072d ago

Ha, I knew Kotor would be on the list. Damn right. Kotor was the Mass Effect of last generation, and I think it was much better than Mass Effect 1&2.

Lightsabers, need I say more?

DORMIN3072d ago

Jade Empire is my favorite Xbox game and its still my favorite Bioware game.


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The story is too old to be commented.