Kinect vs. Move: Perfect For Nintendo (RunDLC)

RunDLC posted a feature explaining that, although Nintendo has outdated technology with the Wii, it stands to gain from the upcoming battle between Kinect and Move.

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2987d ago
Buff10442987d ago

Hey, people dig Kinect.

Fierce Musashi2987d ago

"All Nintendo has to do to compete is drop the price of the Wii. Meanwhile, the company can research new tech behind the scenes."

I believe that has already begun.

ChickeyCantor2986d ago

Ever since the Wii was released...the people in R&D arent paid to sit still.

This guy sure knows his bizz

raztad2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Nintendo dropping Wii price is always beneficial for customers. If that actually happens (as it did when PS3 reached $300) would be a very nice side effect of a tougher competition. Not to mention that an outdated piece of last gen tech should not be more expensive than a xbox360. Get Wii to the price it deserves: $99.

jneul2986d ago

move is way beyond the wii here is the evidence,
case dismissed move is the ultimate motion controller

ChickeyCantor2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Sure it is, and i bet its coming with a sprinkle of jesus juice.

Move can be a great motion control thing, but its Nintendo's face all over motion know marketing and sizzle? games...
You know what im not even gonna explain.

I bet its gonna be a great product, that im sure of =).

jneul2986d ago

gee you lot are out in full force tonight, you know sports games was done first on ps2 eyetoy right and atari made the first motion controller, get over your pride already, I own a wii as well so I know it's limits...