Rags To Riches: The Story Of Bulletstorm

NowGamer: Polish Developer People Can Fly shift from cool, small budget, to AAA blockbuster, we find out how...

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GWAVE3022d ago

I've seen the videos of Bulletstorm, and to be honest, I think "Haze". Haze was hyped and all the way up until demo/release, the majority of gamers and the media thought that it would be a AAA game, but it ended up disappointing.

If it ends up being great, then AWESOME! There's nothing wrong with having another awesome game, but I don't think Bulletstorm will make the cut.

Letros3022d ago

People Can Fly are good devs, try out Painkiller: Black Edition on Steam, its a load of fun with great weapons, fun boss fights, and clever level design.

Stay away from the non-People Can Fly Painkillers, they were utter CRAP.

RememberThe3573022d ago

I think "awesome" when I see videos of it. When I first saw it in Game Informer I wasn't impressed. But when I saw it at E3 it look like a ton of fun.

NecrumSlavery3022d ago

E3 footage looked great. I am interested in seeing variety in environmental kills. I wonder how creative it can get. This definitely looks unique, which is nice cause the FPS genre is getting stagnant.

Nihilism3022d ago

"Polish Developer People Can Fly"

WTF isn't it run by cliffy....why are they based in poland...a tax dodge maybe?


Anyway game looks great, this and brink are coming out around the same time...brink will get buried under the hype train, which sucks, but they are making the retail PC version require F em :D

RememberThe3573022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

It's my understanding that the game is a collaboration between Epic and People Can Fly. But it is more and more looking like Cliffy is being used to sell it to gamers, apparently Epic owns a majority share of People Can Fly.

Nihilism3022d ago

"Cliffy is being used to sell it to gamers"

I think so.

Cliffy B, the backstreet boy that never was.

dinkeldinkse3022d ago

Why? He is famous for ripping on his previous games to make the current one look better.

Lich1203022d ago

Look at Chair (The company that did Shadow Complex). Cliff was a Design Consultant. Epic didn't make the game, Chair did. Similarly, that's the relationship with People Can Fly. Note in the interview they said they still have complete creative freedom.

Also, PCF did painkiller which was a great simple shooter when it came out so they're an established studio.

3022d ago