Fatal Inertia Xbox 360 Demo Hands-on & New Video

What was the end result when KOEI decided to combine post-apocalyptic environments with fast-paced, physics-based racing? The equation computed to Fatal Inertia, a high-speed arcade racer featuring racecraft reliant upon weaponry that toys with opponents' handling and stability.

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MK_Red3951d ago

While the graphics and everything has improved, the colors and theme is a bit too cold and far from happy and livelier theme of old demos and screens.

nasim3950d ago

the low powered x360 has really destroyed the game.

The gameplay looks like total trash now.

just like the x360 ..FI has also becaome a trash

Rhezin3951d ago

i think it's awesome, the whole hovering racecar thing is awesome.

egyptian_diarrhea3951d ago

i enjoyed it, there's some serious popping issues though.The graphics seems nice, i think they could speed it up a little it seems a little slow.but overall i think it's good.

Gm0n3951d ago

Star Wars Pod Racer with better graphics and modifications. It does look fun. I enjoyed Pod Racer.

MK_Red3951d ago

Awesome point. While its a bit cruel, I also believe that there will be a lot of similarities. Also with Plane Crazy.

7ero H3LL3951d ago

But i kept falling and crashing but i got first 7 times.......out of 20 tries. :~)

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The story is too old to be commented.