Duck Hunt Dog Scarecrow Found In Sweden

Kotaku: As seen on a local Swedish newspaper...

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fantasygamer2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

OMG!!.. i gotta say that dog used to scare the BLEEEP! out of me when i was little.. i didn't shoot a duck BOOOM! hes up and giggling.. creepy... i would run straight out of the room... TERRIFYING!!

captain-obvious2839d ago

now that is cool
pure win in my book

John_McGuirk2839d ago

Someone should shoot that dog in the face

George Sears2839d ago

Even through all these years this dog still loves the death of ducks.

What a sadistic psycopathetic canine.

HarryM2839d ago

I wonder how many more dead ducks he's got back there..

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