Gamestop Buy 2 Used Games, Get 1 Free Sale Kicks Off

"Gamestop has kicked off another Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale on all in-stock used games!

The sale runs from July 15-17th, but get browsing now before the selection thins out!"

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HarryM2747d ago

Looks like they're trying to rid of them..

ScubaSteve12747d ago

so they can do the trade in deals and rip more people off

evercast2747d ago

Because Gamestop forces you to bring in your old games right? I hate getting credit for games I've beat. I rather just let them sit at home and gather dust.

Kamikaze1352747d ago

Because you can sell them for a lot more than Gamestop gives you.

Double Toasted2747d ago

I wonder if I buy 4 games if I'll get 2 free?

evercast2747d ago

you sir/mam are correct.

pimpmaster2746d ago

gamestop prices suck though, all used games are like 20$ overpriced go to and check the used game prices on there. if you buy 3 games at normal prices on there youd still spend less than gamestop buy 2 get 1 free deal.

2747d ago
gtsentry2747d ago

WTF i never have money at these times

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The story is too old to be commented.