The top 10 rated RTS games

MyGaming writes:

"At one point, the real time strategy (RTS) genre was the industry’s biggest. If anything, it has its own prolific success to blame for its relative downfall, as gamers began losing interest due to there being so many games adhering to the same basic gameplay mechanics, following each other in neat succession."

"In the interest of nostalgia, and as homage to one of gaming’s golden cornerstones, we decided to look at the ten best reviewed real-time strategy games released to date."

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gietzy3078d ago

Halo Wars is an awful RTS. Only 1 campaign and 2 skirmish factions when the industry standard is 3. Predefined bases and little unit veriety. It's just a half way house for consoles, not a good RTS.

JsonHenry3078d ago

In my opinion Command and Conquer/StarCraft are the best RTS games ever made.

IcemanHH213077d ago

Halo wars against COH , C%C , Warcraft ,starcraft Etc..
its just not comparable.halo wars ddnt do much impact ,but the RTS the author mentioned made huge gaming experience. i have xbox but never tried it, now if it was on pc i wouldve got it and tried it

tinman3078d ago

IMO Halo Wars is only good in the context of a console RTS. The exact same game on PC would have been torn a new asshole by critics.

And yea, it got 81% on Gamerankings

eggbert3078d ago

if SC2 will be making that list...

Letros3078d ago

Company of Heroes really is an amazing game, as all of those titles on that list.

The two top upcoming RTS announced that should make this list are StarCraft II and Shogun 2: Total War.

despair3078d ago

I maintain that Company of Heroes is the COD of RTS( COD 1&2 so its a compliment). Its the first RTS that had my blood pumping for the battles since Starcraft.

gietzy3078d ago

I never considered Dungeon Keeper an RTS. It's more of a management game in my eyes. I love Dungeon Keeper though. I wish 3 would happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.