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Microsoft drops 1 vs 100

Microsoft has announced that 1 vs 100 will not be returning to Xbox Live for a third season. (1 vs 100, Xbox 360)

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TrevorPhillips  +   1873d ago
What sucks is that this game isn't even out in Australia...
Yi-Long  +   1873d ago
Same here for Holland...
... never released here.
NecrumSlavery  +   1873d ago
So is LIVE Prime Channel and all that jazz scratched then?
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MitchGE  +   1873d ago
It was a lot of fun playing with friends, and the completionist in me wanted to get all the achievements eventually.
Xeoset  +   1873d ago
This is pretty disappointing as 1 vs. 100 was a lot of fun. Luckily, I guess, I scooped up 90% of the achievements.
darthv72  +   1873d ago
ahh shucks
This game was fun while it lasted. Hopefully they will put up other game shows. Maybe weakest link or other shows where multiple people play at the same time.
FragMnTagM  +   1873d ago
Well if you saw the demos when it was Natal,
They had the family on the sofa buzzing in by hitting their palm with a fist, and then verbally answering the question. They were playing 1 vs. 100 in the vid too.

Maybe they are making a new gameshow as 1 vs. 100 didn't catch on that big. Something that will attract more people using the Kinect is my guess. It makes sense as 1 vs. 100 was a family/social game which is what they are pushing big right now.
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AAACE5  +   1873d ago
Don't feel bad...
I forgot this game was even out! Once it went live, it kinda disappeared.
HarryM  +   1873d ago
I'm looking forward to see why it's been dropped..
RealityCheck  +   1873d ago
Probably will be making a kinect version
Blaze929  +   1873d ago
wouldn't be surprised
xztence  +   1873d ago
This was interesting at first but became lame very fast.
They need to integrate it better.
HarryM  +   1873d ago
I never got to play the game. :/

EDIT: But I heard they gave away prizes like Microsoft Points or something if you won, is this true?
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peeps  +   1873d ago
yeh, i came really close 1 time and gave a proper stupid answer lol couldn't believe it. But yeh they give away quite substantial amounts of points. i think the top prize works out around £40
FragMnTagM  +   1873d ago
I won an XBLA game
It took a lot of hard work to get that though and I imagine that is why the game wasn't that popular. They need to make it a wee bit easier to get prizes, or you are just playing to play the game.

If you did not play every night, and answer nearly everything perfectly, you had no chance in hell getting into the crowd let alone being the one.
peeps  +   1873d ago

i only actually got into this towards the end of the last season so was dissapointed to find i'd have to wait until season 3 to play again... now they've cancelled it.

I really wonder why it's been dropped. I mean prizes were given out but in the grand scheme of things wouldn't have cost much and it was a great way of getting people active and on live (plus they could advertise in game etc)

scrap that, noticed it's to work on new projects :/ still annoying
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Mizz_mai  +   1873d ago
i agree 1vs100 was what swayed me from being a total PS3 fangirl....i'd like to think a lot of people participated but we can never be sure i remember the fiasco when,ms didnt give the season one gamers our prizes lol....ahhhh good times...lol
corneliuscrust  +   1873d ago
I actually had a lot of fun with this
Especially when you have a bunch of people in the room with you and perhaps some intoxicants... it's quite fun. The live host was actually really neat. Sad to see it go :(
Omega4  +   1873d ago
Probably was't making any money. The cost to maintain it and prizes were likely a lot more than the money the ads brought in.
Redempteur  +   1873d ago
nothing with the fact that the game was plagued with cheaters ...am i rite ?
Wizziokid  +   1873d ago
how could you cheat?
Jake360  +   1873d ago
sGIBMBR  +   1873d ago
By sitting by a laptop with Google ready, just popping in every question that came on screen. Well that's the only way I can think of, when it comes to cheating on 1 Vs 100.

However, if you was doing that it probably wasn't very practical, you got more points the quicker you answered the question, also I don't think you'd even have enough time to do a Google search on the questions.

How would you cheat again?!
Xeoset  +   1873d ago
You couldn't cheat.
New questions were added to each category each time it launched (the category, not the season).

Not only that, if you were to google it, you had 3-4 seconds to type the lengthy question, wait until it displayed the appropriate website, click on the said website to get the answer which could take time depending on the web page.

However, there is the possibility of 4 people teaming up and using all of their heads, which is pretty unfair in retrospect.
Hades1337  +   1873d ago
its wasn't that people were cheating on the questions, but they were able to become the one or part of the mob in every round, rather than having to work for it.

I had fun on it for a couple of nights, but it ran its course. Buzz is still the gameshow king of videogames.
Ultraplayerxd  +   1873d ago
don't tell the mob. . .

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Wizziokid  +   1873d ago
sucks because it was a great concept and a lot of fun with friends, lets hope they create something just as awesome but in the same concept (game show)
Blaze929  +   1873d ago
wow that's shocking - this game was great fun to kick back in the evening with buddies and play. Surprised they did this. So much for Xbox LIVE Primetime - they can't keep anything going over at Microsoft now adays. I'm really disappointed in this.
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gamerz  +   1873d ago
It's too damn bad. I thought these type of games would be hugely popular all over the internet by now. Clearly, I am wrong!
edhe  +   1873d ago
They should've had it on at a time people would play it - not dinner time.
Mizz_mai  +   1873d ago
see thats what i was thinking...lol it defenately shouldve been on more...
noxeven  +   1873d ago
It was fun but more then likely the season play type killed. I mean after beta and the first season i kind of forgot it was even there.
M_Prime  +   1873d ago
i only played the BETA in Canada where there were no actual prizes.. so i I didn't hesitate to try and go all the way..

I played as the '1' a few times.. its exciting. I am sad that the game was dropped :-(

sometimes i would log on at night and be like.. what should i play and i see 1vs100 was on so i jumped in.. and the bonus rounds were fun too.. just questions..
BabyTownFrolics  +   1873d ago
That is a shame
I actually enjoyed playing this game
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1873d ago
It was one
of those neat features of XBL that NO ONE acknowledged. The media ignored it and so did gamers for the most part. MS saw no reason to keep it around, no one behaved like they would miss it if it were gone.

Were it on PSN the media would have went on about how it was a stroke of genius and one more reason Sony is god. Naturally gamers would have followed the medias lead and done the same.
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stephmhishot  +   1873d ago
I know, I hate how the media constantly hates on the 360 and showers the PS3 with nothing but praise. It's sickening.
UnwanteDreamz  +   1873d ago
stephmhishot  +   1873d ago
UnwanteDreamz  +   1873d ago
I thought yours was, but what about the guy above you?
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Garnett  +   1873d ago
That sounds as stupid as the PS3 conspiracy's.

1 vs 100 sucked, we have to be honest here, just like LAST fm and all of those useless things.

MS needs to take the money and buy some first party studios.
slimy the g8ter  +   1873d ago
awww to bad.....
i kinda liked it.now there is sh!t 4 me 2 play until halo reach.9/14/10
Excalibur  +   1873d ago
That sucks
So let me get this straight, the article says

"Microsoft also revealed that over 114,000 players competed in the show simultaneously during the beta session, winning the game a Guinness World Record."

So they cancel it? Ummmm ok.
Lipscomba  +   1873d ago
I had fun on 1 vs. 100! It's a shame they canceled it.
spenn2010  +   1873d ago
This game was actually one of the only decent community game show games out on any console and they just cancel it? M$ is doomed if they think that kinect shit is gonna compete with the wii or move. A few fitness clubs will implement it but what gamer wants a system with no controller?
DuneBuggy  +   1873d ago
Well this sucks. I really enjoyed playing One vs 100. Got a party chat going and had a good time with it.
At least I got all the achievements!
Neo Nugget  +   1873d ago
Well damn, that was a nice perk of gold :(
nygamer28  +   1873d ago
why????? it was pretty fun...hope their working on something better
Eiffel  +   1873d ago
Well this is shocking, As active as it was I figured it would last longer than two seasons.
ZombieAutopsy  +   1873d ago
Damn last night i was wondering what ever happened to it and now i find out its over.
Jackel2072  +   1873d ago
well that sucks.
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