Atari 2600 Games That Deserve A Reboot (RunDLC)

Now that Atari plans to bring back Haunted House, RunDLC posted a list of Atari 2600 games that deserve a reboot. The list includes Adventure and Jungle Hunt.

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SpinalRemains1383049d ago

Seems like yesterday I was playing that game. Maybe because I was.

redsquad3049d ago

Hmmm, these reboots always have to chance so much to be viable in these "HD/10 hour plus" times that the original would be virtually unrecognisable. As such, what's the point?

Kontraband813049d ago

River Raid was my first shmup I ever played. To this day it goes down as my fav 2600 game and I still load it up every now and then to play. A remake would be sweet.

Psychotica3049d ago

I would like to see Yars Revenge and Berzerk...

Buff10443049d ago

Ah yes....Berzerk would be a great one. I played that for hours.

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