The Top 5 Shocking Moments

Just like a good book or a great movie, video games can draw you in and play with your emotions. One little plot twist can change everything, and a sudden turn in the action can make you jump out of your skin.

Here are MSNBC's Top 5 shocking moments. Be warned, the following contains plot spoilers.

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Phantom_Lee3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

I hate Aeris...Im glad shes dead....I know I will get alot of disagrees with this....but she piss me off really bad....

MK_Red3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

They really missed a lot of big moments but hey, its their choices.

My Top 5:
5.God Of War: When Ares throws the giant thing at Kratos and kills him (After Pandora's temple).
4.MGS3: The ending. (Boss and all other stuff)
3.Deus Ex: When we find our brother is working against the goverment.
2.Resident Evil 2: Whenever that giant statue/monster or that deformed X large doctor/boss/zombie enter.
Number ONE (With ScrewAttack voice):
1.Final Fantasy VIII: When Squall dies at the end of first disk.(PSone)

ArduousAndy3912d ago

those are fine

But i can beat your list.

i'll give it to you in no particular order:
Silent Hill 2 when you find out that James was the one that killed his wife.

Dead Rising you find out that Frank is infected and will be turning into a Zombie.

Fatal Frame. There was a scene where the main charater was looking through a peephole then a ghosts floating head appears. That cut scene scared the crap out of me.

The ending of crackdown when you find out who the main bad guy really is.

Condemned had some great moments of shock so ill say the whole game itself.

Those are mine

Phantom_Lee3912d ago

"Fatal Frame. There was a scene where the main charater was looking through a peephole then a ghosts floating head appears"

I remember that one~ that was fun~
the funnest thing is that floating head was weak....good entrance..weak performance....

MK_Red3912d ago

Good points. How could I forget about Silent Hill 2 and James... and as for Fatal Frame, the whole game was a big shock and up until now is the only game that really scared me during my play.

ArduousAndy3912d ago

fatal frame 1 and 2 cant find part 1 anywhere for the xbox.

But if you wanna talk Scary games. The scariest game I've ever played was DOA extreme beach volleyball. PEOPLE ACTUALLY BOUGHT THAT. Still gives me the shivers on how bad that game was.

EZCheez3912d ago

The Fatal Frame and Silent Hill series' had more scary moments than any scary movie i've ever seen. Fatal Frame honestly made me jump a couple of times, and movies have never done that.

But if we're naming missed shocking moments, what about the giant alligator coming out of nowhere in RE2?

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Rhezin3912d ago

Don't be playing with my emotions.

The BS Police3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Seriously, that one wasn't just surprising, it scared the hell out of me when I first encountered them.

It really changed my outlook on video games in general, and that is to always expect the unexpected.

Daewoodrow3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

I agree. I have no shame in admitting I had to pause the game for a minute to calm down at that bit, immediately after the video footage when the infection pods poured out of the walls at you. And that whole level opening, where everything was empty other than blood and a crazy marine shooting at you from the corner. Pretty intense. I wasn't really into the game that much till then.

And adding to that, the part where cortana burst out of the computer to stop you from putting the Index into it, sounding and looking crazy from all the information she saw. That was a great moment.

toughNAME3912d ago


now i hate the flood...not that there challenging...just annoying

but when i first played 343 Guilty Spark i almost sh!t myself

ben hates you3912d ago

the video of the pilot and the marines is actually kind of sad, i had my eyes 2 inches from my tv

Daewoodrow3912d ago

also agreed to disliking the flood now, it's more annoying for me because so few weapons work on them. As we all know, the shotgun works best, but there never seems to be enough ammo for it. In fact i'd say lack of ammo was a big issue for me in halo 2, I hope it isn't the case for 3.

ben hates you3912d ago

always used the shotgun/pistol, most people hated the pistol when going against the flood but they kill the combat forms better then anything covenant, assualt rifle was good for the infection form though, but anyway that was/is a great game

toughNAME3912d ago

assault rifle did NOTHING to the regular flood forms
WOW that pissed me off

and with shotgun./...for me it was more the fact that i wanted to conserve ammo...assuming id run out
so when the levels over my shotguns full:S

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San anto3912d ago

ahh ff7 best FF easily, im sure many ppl aftr watchin aeries die always wondered, what if she got the sword through the back of the head.

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