EverythingPS - Psyonix Interview

Today we have Dave Hagewood from Psyonix, one of the creators behind the PSN title: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars!...

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Davoh2750d ago

Agreed, it's awesome, but it's been too long since any DLC has come out for it: I want more cars, stadiums and features, especially the car combat feature which they say they cut out.

BBAM2749d ago

You can only truely appreciate how good of a game this is when you see the best play you online. The gameplay just works great, just wish they could improve the networking for it. Lag's rare but can spoil a game when it's bad

2749d ago
sfex3best2749d ago

I <3 SARPBC more then gietzy!!!!!!! :-)

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