Don't play video games, try being a magician

This comes from an article that was on both, and also on today. What this article gives is five after-school alternative activities for gamers, other than playing video games.

Here are the five suggested alternatives, and my interpretation of them:

1. Design your own clothes: Remember kids, it's not ok to sit down in front of a tv, play video games, and stuff your face full of food. It is ok, however, to make clothes in order to become a designer for anorexic celebrities who starve themselves on a daily basis.

2. Wanna be famous: This idea suggests that if you want to be famous you should start blogging, and putting your writing, photography, and video editing skills to work. So it's not ok to play violent, and sometimes sexually oriented video games. If you want to take dirty pictures, watch and create violent videos, and talk to others about how bad you feel about not playing video games right now, however, then that's perfectly fine.

3. Pet Projects: So what you're telling me is that instead of using a chainsaw in gears of war, i can skin a cat, and stick m-80's up bullfrogs butts and watch them explode. Well, what am i waiting for, better get started right now, don't want to let that talent go to waste.

4. Learn how to paint: Don't do drugs and play games at the same time, but do encourage kids to get high off of the smell of acrylic paint, very smart move there.

5. Make your green beans disappear(Be a Magician): Hey, look everybody, i can pull a rabbit out of… well, let's not even go there, because you know what that leads to.

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