Calming GTA IV Delay Anger

PlanetGTA:"To set the mood for this news post, let me say that I've been in Florida all this week, literally listening to the Wave 103 disc from 2002's Vice City while cruising down the streets in my car, yellow Rockstar sticker firmly placed on left of rear bumper. Yeah, I realize that we are quite the GTA fan. I even wore one of my GTA IV shirts a few days back when I went to a diner".

"Regarding GTA IV, I don't feel bad at all regarding the delay of the game. I am all for it. I already knew that the PlayStation 3 version was behind schedule as was told to us in a magazine a few weeks ago. Also, I've been thinking something would happen anyway. I always expected a delay of one or two weeks as there was with San Andreas for PlayStation 2, but this new delay that was announced today is a bit longer than I expected".

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Lakuspakus3914d ago

I have no doubt that the delay is a positive thing.
It just burns to know you have to wait even longer.

WaggleLOL3914d ago

From the delay press release:

"due to additional development time required to complete the title"


Our poor engineers are still struggling with fitting a free roaming city sized game onto the crappy 360 7 gigabyte DVD drive and no standard harddrive.

PC and PS3 owners now have to wait around for Rockstar to gimp GTA IV even more to work on the POS 360.

3914d ago
socomnick3913d ago

If anything they did not want to piss off the ps3 users and release the xbox 360 version before the ps3 version so they delayed both.
We all know the xbox 360 version was ahead in development.

LSDARBY3914d ago

I doubt a 7 month delay is just down to the PS3 version being beind schedule. I hope it makes use of Home when it does come out though

Rhezin3914d ago

no SH!T it burns! This holiday was suppose to be about two games. HALO 3 AND GTAIV now that it is pushed back, its like meh..

vudu3914d ago

than a bug filled game that needs constant downloaded patches. It's a bummer, but I think the quality of the final product will be worth the wait.

DiLeCtioN3914d ago

well i want more than two its Haze.Heavenly Sword,Uncharted DF,URT3,PES7 and maybe Assasins Creed. Yh i know lots of money. i can only secure 3 if i swap my old games and add a bit of money

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The story is too old to be commented.