NowGamer Preview: The Shoot (Move)

Nowgamer's hands-on preview of Cohort Studio's Move-enabled blaster The Shoot.

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Cloudberry2958d ago

"Final Summary

Great fun, works a treat, no complaints."

Would be a good casual game, in my opinion.

rdgneoz32958d ago

Looks like a cool casual game. Though I'll probably end up getting the Time Crisis Move game (3 games in 1? Who wouldn't get it for $40?).

oohWii2958d ago

Casual games are cool again.

2958d ago
tiamat52958d ago

Sounds fun. I hope there are options to ramp up the difficulty if needed.

TheTeam062958d ago

I like the mix of the Move and head-tracking in this game, but it's most likely not for me.

I have the games I want in mind right now, but I do need a game to play drunk. Will this be the one, or Sports Champions? I'm honestly thinking that "Start the Party" game might be the best one for it, but I really don't want that game.