The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition – PlayStation Future Review

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"The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is a high-definition remake of the original Secret of Monkey Island game that was first released in 1990 for PC, Atari ST, Amiga and eventually several other platforms. The basic premise is that you play a wannabe pirate called Guybrush Threepwood, who sets out on a journey to become a fully fledged pirate in the Caribbean. The Secret of Monkey Island has a very quirky sense of humour and it is this humour that most people fondly remember the series for. There are so few genuinely funny computer games that, even now, the Monkey Island series stands out as among the funniest games of all time."

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callahan093073d ago

Interestingly, I didn't like this version of the game. I already had the game on Steam, and loved it, but then after getting Tales of Monkey Island for PSN because it was the cheapest (35 at TellTale or on Steam versus 20 on PSN), and I played through the whole thing getting 100% trophies in all 5 chapters and loving every minute of it, I decided I was going to support their PSN release of Secret (I'll always be a huge Monkey Island supporter) by buying that version and getting all the trophies in it so that I could have all the trophies from the whole Monkey Island series. I mean, the game is still great, but in comparison to the PC version, it's pretty crappy.

Controlling the game with a controller just doesn't feel right at all. With Tales of Monkey Island, it felt better than controlling it with a keyboard & mouse, because of the way the interface and movement works in that game, I liked it better on PlayStation. But with this game, it's still completely point & click based, and the verb & inventory management is kind of a hassle on the controller as opposed to KB/M combo. Not to mention that for some reason this version of the game has weird dialogue loading issues where there can sometimes be a really long pause between loading one line of dialogue and the next. Also, there is some weird slowdown that occurs during some animations.

All in all, if this is the only way you can play the game, then definitely get it on PSN, it's one of the best games ever in my opinion, but the PC version is significantly better and easier to play. The PSN version of Tales of Monkey Island, on the other hand, is the ideal version of the game, in my opinion.