Kid Icarus: Uprising Started Life As A New IP

Apparently, the new Kid Icarus title was meant to be an original IP before it was rebranded as a Kid Icarus title.

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pramath16053078d ago

Well, I'm personally happier this way. I so wanted to see a reboot of the Kid Icarus franchise, and here we are!

kratos1233078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

like i always said nintendo doesnt take chances anymore
it will be another 10 years since they come up with a new characters

and if you disagree with my please leave a comment why

pramath16053078d ago

Well, I disagree with your statement that Nintendo doesn't take chances. Look at the Wii and the DS- those were perhaps the biggest gambles in gaming history. They totally defied conventional wisdom, totally fluted the norm, went with a route that was unlikely to appeal to the core gamer... if that isn't taking a chance, I don't know what is.

kratos1233078d ago

i knew you would bring that up thats why i said characters
please finish reading my comment next time

Shubhankar3078d ago

Wii and DS. This entire generation.
Thank you.
*takes a bow and walks off*

ebgeer3077d ago

Pikmin is 9 years...and Mii's(are considered characters) are 4 years. And there have been recent hints at a new probably within the next year or so...

I think its fine they don't come out with new characters all the time...

Look at the IPs of MS and Sony..they've been milking those for all they are worth...why not Nintendo? They do make the most memorable characters...

Shubhankar3078d ago

I just like the fact that we're getting a new Kid Icarus game in the first place.

pramath16053074d ago

How does having a new character affect a game in any way? I don't see what you're driving at here. Nintendo games have consistently innovated, they've always pushed the envelope and taken great risks... so what are you talking about?