Bad controls in Lair just a myth ?

Last week EGM reviewed Lair and gave it a score that created quite a buzz all over the internet. EGM seems to have been the first official gaming website to have reviewed the game, however, other sources that previewed the game thinks other wise.

According to Gamezone:

The game will make full use of the SIXAXIS's tilt sensitivity, which I'm sure everyone knows by now. However, it does feel very intuitive and not unwieldy at all like many games on the PS3 that try to take advantage of it in some slapdash way. After a few minutes, you'll feel like a natural.

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ngg123453945d ago

How is the bad controls in lair a myth? A reviewer disliked the control in the game.

TriggerHappy3945d ago

you really need to read things before helps.

nasim3945d ago

that horrible website!!!!

i am happy IGN,GS, CVG and GAMEINFORMER all loved LAIR controls

i am looking forward to it

Umbrella Corp3945d ago

Egm sucks they say that "Lair" a quality game as sucky controls i filled out an order for teh magazine and now im not gonna pay them lol haha! :)

FreedomReign3945d ago

Believe me, as a 360 owner they show no bias towards that console, or the dozen+ red rings of death they've had at their offices.

Peter Moore's departure according to them was a huge blow to Xbox.

The billion dollar payout brought speculation of MS shutting down the 360 workshop on their podcast. They still see it as a loser in the console war.

1up more than any other website have pushed the PS3 since launch, even without games. Stating 'just wait' 'Blu Ray' and 'Power' as the only reason to buy a $600 machine.

EGM also has a 3 reviewer system, and I find it hard to believe they're all 'teh biased'.

Believe what you will, but the history of EGM, 1up, PSM, etc. All go to show this house is one that Sony more than any other company helped build.

Mu5afir3944d ago

You haven't read up their reviews, or watched their shows have you?
1up has been bashing the Ps3 since it's launch.

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Loudninja3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Not, EGM or gamepro had the final build, they rush reviews

Edit :lol they took this from me!

No big deal thought

Loudninja3945d ago

I do not know why they were lying for

texism3945d ago

Now PS3 fans know how we Wii fans felt when reviewers could not even take the time to learn the controls and get comfy with them.

DrPirate3945d ago

Too true buddy, too true. Well said, bubble for you.

ElementX3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

The Wii has fans? I thought people just bought it because it was cheap... No good games, poor reviews. Mario 23455, Zelda 20, and Metroid 39....

Only newly released game on Wii which scored (IGN) above a 9 is Zelda Twilight Princess, the rest are all virtual console titles.

Sorry, i'm a wii hater :) Ok maybe not a Wii hater, but I wasn't impressed with it when my old roomie owned one.

nasim3945d ago

i just listened to the PODCAST of INSOMNIAC ...and JULIAN was bashing EGM for saying that the last boss in LAIR was a building!!!!!

texism3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

hahahah roflmao! A building? Are you serious?