Brutal Gamer Podcast: #38 T.M.I.

On this weeks show:

Technical hitches and things you didn’t want to know about.

Due to circumstances beyond our control (read: Audacity), one audio track was almost completely wiped. This week, Barry, Leigh, Zeth, Lindsey and (towards the end) Mike have some stuff to discuss, such as: -

* Mike’s Audio Does A Bunk
* Pre-Show – ‘Little Barry’
* What We’ve Been Playing
* No Assassin’s Creed In 2011
* New Red Dead Redemption DLC
* HAWX 2 Details
* Dragon Age 2
* Which Pre-32 Bit Era Franchise Would You Revive? Featuring Sonic vs. Mario
* Shout Outs & Listener Questions
* Joe Danger Competition

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