Singularity - The PS3 Attitude Review

We’ve been talking about Singularity here at the Attitude Towers for quite some time. Since its reveal early last year, it’s been through a roller coaster of hype and publicity. In 2009, it seemed Activision was very eager to show this game off to any and all that would pay attention, but it the past 6 months or so the game seemed to fall off the face of the Earth.

Now, with little warning, it has finally hit shelves.

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liquidgravity3077d ago

i picked this up on day one and i for one really enjoyed it. The online really wasn't the greatest in my book but i though the single player was kick ass. Enought for me to want to play threw it again which im in the process of doing. Just like every other game out their, some people are going to like, some will dislike but to each his own. All i can say is that i really liked it!