Are games developers losing control?

Megabits looks at just how important realistic control movement is to video games. Should developers concentrate on accuracy and realism or dumb down their control methods?

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RedDragan3071d ago

So, so true.

Shame though, I remember people blasting Killzone 2 for laggy controls... well this is kind of what the guy is talking about. No solider in the world can move heavy weapons like happens in video games. Realism and gaming... gone.

Anyone remember that sniper level in Modern Warfare? You saw what this guy was talking about there with the movement. Our Captain in front of us had a glance to his right pulled the gun into sight and about 1 second later lowered it to continue going forward, he didn't hold the strafe, in fact he didn't even strafe doing it. It looked realistic, but your character... was SUPERMAN in comparison. You could jump 5 meters carrying about 200lbs of equipment and armour, while twisting in the air, floating like a ballerina. Shame.