Guide to Choosing Co-op Partners For Halo 3

Picking quality a co-op partner is more important than ever thanks to Halo 3's inclusion of four-player cooperative mode. Now you will have to coordinate four people's schedules instead of just two. This helpful guide will aid you in selecting the best partners for you first time through Halo 3. After all, you want your first time to be special.

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PS360PCROCKS3916d ago

A guide? This is the worst news story I have ever seen.

Lakuspakus3916d ago

Agree with PS360ROCKS.

The best tip someone could ever give you to have a best "first time co-op" experience in a game, is to use common sense and not play with someone who doesnt give a damn if you dont like the way they play.

Play with 3 of your friends from your friends-list!

PS360PCROCKS3916d ago

Exactly you just wanna make sure you wanna play with someone who will play the game and not run around in circles just shooting random stuff.

kewlkat0073916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

by myself first before 4-player co-op. I think playing with 3 others for the first time, does not give you that individual satisfaction, defeating a game, on your own.

Plus the game might be too easy. You'll have 4 players fighting to kill enemies on normal, while you get no credit for killing much.

ASSASSYN 36o3916d ago

Well thats why us multi-player co-op fans are glad bungie has a legendary difficulty.

FeralPhoenix3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

I always read articles before I comment but when I read "selecting the best partners for you first time through Halo 3", I stopped right there. There's no way in Hell I would play Halo3's campaign for the first time with 4, 3, or 2 player Co-op. Maybe thats just me and you but personally I'm waaaaay to selfish to share my first time with Halo3 with anybody. -Hell I'm already trying to convince my wife to take the kids and go spend some quality time with her Mom for a day or two. -If she doesn't take the hint, then eventually I'll just stoop to bribing her, either way on Sept. 25, I'm locking the door, turning the ringer off the phone, and basicly playing Halo3 for the first time that night all by myself with absolutely no interruptions. Don't get me wrong 4 player Co-op is probably one of the best things that could have happened to Halo3 but for me its strictly for "re-play value" and I can't wait to Finish the Fight with a few other Halo fans, AFTER I've already beaten the game.

ASSASSYN 36o3916d ago

Don't play with little kids in games. They have the attention span of retard trying to scuba dive in the toilet.

Lakuspakus3916d ago

Lol, true. (not always, but very, very often)

Daewoodrow3916d ago

all of this is pretty obvious i'd say.
My best advice would be to know where to draw the line, most of my Halo co-op parties back in the day resulted in warthog grenade fights of the "silent cartographer" beach. We all had a great time, but it took five parties to finish the game.
That was back when no one in my town even considered owning an Xbox, and I had to carry my Xbox to my friend's house for four player games all afternoon.

ASSASSYN 36o3916d ago

Screw that make them come to your house. I played co-op lan on my xbox at my university on a t3 connection. All I had to do was plug my xbox into the wall and play a game with 3 friends on the other side of campus. We had to use speakerphones to talk though.

Daewoodrow3916d ago

yeah, they came to my place every so often, but my friend had the big screen tv!

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