GamerZines: Toy Story 3: The Video Game Review

GamerZines: Toy Story 3, then, is the Toy Story game we've always dreamed of, and one that's just as much fun for adults as it is children.

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J-Smith3071d ago

85/100? that is not a bad score. even tho every game on this site has to score a 100/100 to not be called a flop LoL

caladbolg7773071d ago

This game is a flop because it isn't the mf-ing Lion King.

caladbolg7773071d ago

Scratch that. It's a double-flop because it isn't mf-ing Aladdin.

militant073071d ago

i got that game because i loved the movie and it has arabic dub.
i recommend it for kid, not so good for hardcore, but i liked it

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