Left 4 Dead QuakeCon Footage

Straight from QuakeCon today comes some Left4Dead HD footage at FileShack. The game is actually playable on the floor of QuakeCon right now and Shacknews hopes to have some impressions for you guys to read later during the show.

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jay33824d ago

looks really promissing. It really needs some more hype to be built for it.

This could be a really great 360 exclusive (I know, for PC too, but you know, as a console exclusive)

This game WILL be awesome.

dachiefsman3824d ago

I am not impressed at least not by that video....

Rhezin3824d ago

^^lol shut up sony [email protected]@g, this game is like 28 days later with co-op what more do you want.

ooogabooga233824d ago

All he said is that he wasnt impressed, theres nothing wrong with that.
You should stop being such a jacka$$ and calm down