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Quagmire3072d ago


Better than Gow 1 and 2

Animations are so fluid! And lightning/rain effects are astounding for a psp title!

FangBlade3072d ago

He has nothing to say because it's a hand-held game lol.

jjesso19933072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

so you hate console gaming and handheld gaming why do you come gaming site thats got more news for consoles and handhelds. I love pc gaming and love ps3 gaming and love some games on 360 I dont care what platform a game is on becuase I really iam a true gamer you are troll that cant see good games unless its on your pc.

Tomdc3072d ago

if you wanan see similar gameplay footage for this title look at every god of war game in the series :P

raztad3072d ago

Nothing wrong with that. Every Gow game adds more moves, weapons, the combat system remains essentially the same. Why to change it? it is brutal, satisfying, cinematic and accessible, even for non hack and slash fans. I would say PERFECT. The industry is barely catching up with it. Look at DI and Lord of Shadow for further references.

Tomdc3072d ago

never said there was anything wrong with it though i wish they would innovate a bit more than they have done.

raztad3072d ago

I guess they dont want to fix, what is already perfect, introducing huge changes. Every iteration has seen its own fair of refinements. The core game remains the same.

Probably if GoW4 appears, with a different main character or in a different setting SSM will try something radically different and overhaul the formula.

HarryMonogenis3072d ago

Looks quite good. I especially liked the lightning effects...

shoddy3072d ago

my pspgo is waiting for it.

saadchohan3072d ago

Looks Awesome. The new weapons look good too

waltyftm3072d ago

Very nice indeed, Love the shield and spear combo.

3072d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.