SOCOM 4 gets action-packed screens

Gamersmint : Zipper Interactive released a bunch of new screenshots for their upcoming third person tactical shooter – Socom 4 – U.S Navy Seals which is also known as Socom : Special Forces in PAL regions. The screenshots pits you and your squad in the field of battle and looks rather impressive.

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prongs1233078d ago

Finally, a shooter to look at. Although the multiplayer aspect of this game clearly supersedes that of single player, good that there is always a Co-Op mode :D.

Conloles3078d ago

Action packed screens won't help if the game isn't action packed!

peeps3078d ago

but surely to get action packed screens you need an action packed game...

Ju3078d ago

Why do you even care ? It's not coming out on PCs.

Inside_out3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

This game doesn't seem to be getting any love from the PS3 community right now. Not sure why, it looks great and while I'm not sure I want to use the Sony move with it, it looks decent enough. Here's a run thru using Sony Move. Not convinced that the Move is stable enough to aim with. maybe if your sitting and rest your arms on a chair. I have a Wii and it can be frustrating. Watch in the vid how the guy over shoots with the reticule.

va_bank3078d ago

Many SOCOM fans have been burned by SOCOM: Confrontation, myself included. Everyone cheered when it was announce that Zipper is back on SOCOM, but we are cautious - Confrontation nearly ruined this brand.

ironmonkey3078d ago

actually your wrong there is still tons of people playing confrontation. trust me socom 4 will be big. they give you the choice to play with move or controller so what makes you think it wont get love?

cyborg3078d ago

It would be interesting too see how well the Move support is implemented. I am really excited to try this out.

HarryMonogenis3078d ago

I too am interesting in seeing how the controls will play when using Move. :)

Ju3078d ago

I hope this is (single player) swat based (and MP). Move support might be fun to order your team to certain location. I am curious if that's in and how this works.

distorted_reality3078d ago

While I'm also interested in what's going to happen with this game with Move, those screens don't exactly get the blood racing.

peeps3078d ago

I just wanna see what they're doing with the mp now tbh. Socom single player was always good fun and i'm glad it's back for the next proper socom in the series but for me socom was always about mp first

Veneno3078d ago

Socom Confrontation was y first socom game, and i was addicted. then MAG comes, done by Zipper, and that became my favorite online shooter since Counterstrike. so im really pumped to seehow Socom 4 turns out.

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The story is too old to be commented.