GRAW 2 - PS3 Developer Diary - Music in Games

Music plays a more important role in games than many people realize. HD video available following the link.

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skinzfan3879d ago

I played the Demo and it was great. I was going to boycott this game because Ubisoft took too long to put it out on the PS3, but after playing the demo, I am sold. It looks as sharp as the 360 version if not better and at the end I saw 14 EXCLUSIVE MULTIPLAYER MAPS!!!!! Will be playing this along with Warhawk, Ninja Gaiden, RB6V and maybe some madden. I dont know what I will do. Still have to find time for career, girl and friends :) OH WELL.

hardcorehippiez3879d ago

would love to get some of my bands music used on a game