Blade Runner's Influence on video games

If you haven’t watched the Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi noir Blade Runner, please ask yourself why you haven’t then go rent it. Yes, Blade Runner is a dark and interesting movie, but what’s more appealing is the fact that its influence can be seen in modern video games even after being released over twenty years ago. But the echoes of Blade Runner and Rick Deckard can still be seen and heard in the modern world of games, because being a tough as nails robot hunting detective never goes out of style.

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hay3050d ago

Actually as I love Blade Runner this article is really weak. Before Blade Runner there was Metropolis, after that Phillip K. Dick's books. Movie while it was awesome, it was heavily dumbed down version of the book.

Also, no direct references like in Snatcher? Poor, poor article.

RaymondM3050d ago

thanks for you input and for not bashing me. However,direct references are great and all, but I'm simply putting forward the influences that the movie Blade Runner gave video games. If I wanted to do straight references I could have said Snatcher or hell, even the blade runner game.
But this is about INFLUENCE. Where small ideas from blade runner come into play because of Ridley Scott's view of the book (albeit I will agree it heavily brought down the messages and ideas that the book gave just to concentrate on one message: what makes people human.)
And as for Metropolis, that would be a noir, but it would also be more of a futuristic Prometheus story, or Frankenstein of the future type story. Also, there are way too many references to the working man in Metropolis to equate it to games like Mass Effect.
Blade Runner is a sci-fi epic that gave paved the way for many ideas and thats what this article is about.

Thank you for reading however, and I appreciate your feedback.

LukeA3050d ago

And people thought I was crazy for thinking Kyle Hyde looked liked Harrison Ford. I'm glad someone else can see it.

Murgatroyd73050d ago

I certainly see a lot of similarities between Blade Runner and modern games, but I think a lot of that has to do with both pulling influence from similar sources. So much of what we experience now wouldn't be around (or would be massively different) if it weren't for Isaac Asimov and his work on the likes of I, Robot (huge inspiration for Philip K. Dick's story). And let's not forget about Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury! K. Dick has a huge influence on video games as well; there's no doubt about that...I just see Blade Runner as more of a stepping stone between generations. This is still an interesting discussion, however. And I must say: I never realized how much Kyle Hyde looks like Deckard!

This isn't really an article suggestion, but just for fun, I challenge you to find ways in which Brian Aldiss has influenced gaming. Heh.

Fabian3050d ago

Strangely for someone of my tastes, I only watched Blade Runner quite recently. I have read the Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? short story, though, and am a huge fan of Philip K. Dick in general. I do have to agree, however, that Blade Runner is really just part of an evolving tradition of storytelling, like games themselves. Influences like that can, should be and are everywhere. That's part of what makes it such an interesting industry for me.

omicron0093050d ago

Blade Runners an awesome movie

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