New Official Fallout 3 Site

So after, oh, 4 1/2 months of work, Bethesda finally got the official Fallout 3 site done and out the door.

You'll find lots of links to all the coverage that's come out so far, screens you've probably seen, new wallpapers you probably haven't, the teaser trailer, etc. The usual stuff, but lots more to come over the coming months.

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MK_Red3784d ago

WTH! 1.I waned to post this but you are always faster. WTF 2.Why such a big news has such low heat?

TnS3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

1. Sometime I'm faster. But it is rare. :)
2. Agreed, Fallout 3 deserves much more. Hopefully it will be a great game. :)

Shaka2K63784d ago

PC gaming is not dead after all,good stuff.

dachiefsman3784d ago

I can't wait till this comes out!!!

Shaka2K63784d ago

This game is also coming to PS3 hoooooooohoooo good stuff.