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Submitted by HumanStark 2032d ago | article

Gay and Lesbian Video Game Characters: LGBT Themes In Modern Games

Len Cannon writes: "Already under represented in most forms of media, queer video game characters are the rarest of the rare. The testosterone driven fanbase just isn't into man-on-man action. Defying convention, here are a few of the openly gay characters to be found in video games." (Culture, Dragon Age: Origins, Fable, Persona 4, Shadow Hearts Covenant, Street Fighter)

Darkstorn  +   2032d ago
Unfortunately, publishers often veto the use of homosexual characters in video games for the sake of maintaining the broadest appeal possible. It's a shame, but I don't see the practice ending as long as there is hatred and bigotry in the world.
HumanStark  +   2032d ago
True enough.

It does seem to bring about situations where inclusiveness ends up battling the almighty dollars. It is probably why there are so many games now that allow characters to enter a romance with either gender without any further comment one way or the other.
Winter47th  +   2032d ago
The sexual preference of a video game character is the last thing I'd focus on frankly.
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HumanStark  +   2032d ago
The VERY last? What about the color of the shopkeeper's rob?
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seinfan  +   2032d ago
It's not a secret that the majority of gamers are men, and they'd only like to see hot lesbians/bisexual women. The gay men and trannies are just disgusting. I'm probably going to lose a bubble for that, but whatever. The truth hurts!
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SOAD  +   2032d ago
Eiffel  +   2032d ago
Truth to you, opinion to the rest.
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powney91  +   2032d ago
As a bisexual person, I don't feel that gay/bisexual people HAVE to be represented in video games, but if they are going to be, then they need to be there for a purpose relating to the story/situation, not just there for the sake of it, trying to please everyone. As for your comments, saying that "gay men and trannies are just disgusting", well, as people have already said, its your opinion, but clearly, a very backwards one.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2032d ago
"publishers often veto the use of homosexual characters in video games"
O'rly? So developers OFTEN say "Let's make some homosexual characters"?
You're just making assumptions.

It's like with shows where there happen to mostly be characters of one color and there are people dull enough to suggest that it's due to racism.

Frankly, sexual preference isn't often a gameplay mechanic. Many games don't have all that deep of stories anyhow. People go on about there not being enough homosexual video game characters, but what would that change, anyhow? Would Super Fabulous Brothers be any better? Do you think that people would become more accepting because a character in their video game is gay? I doubt it.
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menoyou  +   2032d ago
Wahh wahh wahh. Do you people have to cry about everything? And do we really need some pro-gay propaganda article every week? Jesus Christ (oh is that offensive to you?) get a life!
Darkstorn  +   2032d ago
I can picture you smugly criticizing civil rights protesters for 'whining' as well.

This is an important issue, and like all issues, should be thoroughly discussed. Homosexuality is incredibly polarizing, so there's no good in ignoring it.
Jack-Pyro  +   2032d ago
Dark Storm is Right...
Your the kind of person that would ignore a problem until it swims up and bites you in the ass!

We can't simply ignore these people because like any civil right movement before it, be it the blacks, the migrant workers, and even the Asians, it is DIRELY important.

You may think of them as some silly people whining, but the reality of the matter is that there are little to NO Gay Protagonists in both videogames, and movies too (excluding Al Pachino in Cruising)
madjedi  +   2032d ago
Lord here we go again, stop making a mountain out of a mole hill.
Actually to both darkstorn and jack pyro, no the inclusion of gay, lesbian ect characters in video games or movies. Is definitely not an important issue neither is homosexuality in the real world to me, if someone is gay, where is the point i am supposed to care about again.

Just because there is something you deem important, doesn't mean it's has to be as important to others.

But i do love how when someone perceives that they are in the moral "right", that they are free to ridicule others that don't share the same opinion as them. Funny how humans can easily be so arrogant.

Sorry but this is a stupid little bs unimportant issue in the grand scheme of things. If you really have to preach at us save it for state recognised same sex marriage or medical/health benefits for same sex married couples, ie actual civil rights issues.

Here is something that might help you people, not everyone is politically active, not all of us want to be politically active. Nor do all of us we want to be lectured about politics, by people with an axe to grind, or drama queens that have to be the center of attention, or any other loud mouthpiece of "insert group".

I don't play every game, thinking wow this chick is so hot or do the same for every movie i see. I am sorry some gay people are unable to leave their sexuality/sexual preference at the door and just enjoy an activity without dragging their sexual baggage with them.

I am still waiting for 1 game, to show me why it truly matters whether the main character is straight or gay, when a large percentage of games don't even mention the characters orientation in the first place.

Having more non white or females lead/important characters is alot more important the gay or lesbian characters, since most of the gameplay the characters do is not sex or sexual acts, but killing, racing, shooting ect.
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TheBand1t  +   2032d ago
It doesn't need to be unless the developers want it to be. End of.
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DecoyOctopus  +   2032d ago
it wouldn't sell because all straight men are homophobic
NastyLeftHook  +   2032d ago
let em live
Godmars290  +   2032d ago
Never saw why Zane from FFVIII is considered to be gay. Was it just the face tatoo?
Odin777  +   2032d ago
You mean Zell? (sorry I'm a nerd) I didn't know he was considered gay...but maybe because he shows no interest in the opposite sex throughout the game...I don't know.
Newtype  +   2032d ago
I think he seemed a little TOO close to Squall.
Godmars290  +   2032d ago
Must have been thinking of Billy Zane.
I get those two confused for some reason.
Myst  +   2032d ago
Yep seems to be at least being utilized a bit more than in the past. Still seems to be a taboo thing for some odd reason.
George Sears  +   2032d ago
Raikov was pretty funny in MGS3 but.... Peace Walker......Kojima..
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BannedForNineYears  +   2032d ago
I can't really connect with characters that are gay in a game.
It's just my personal preference though.
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Odin777  +   2032d ago
Usually in video games (or any other form of entertainment) gays are portrayed based strictly on their stereotypes. So I can imagine most people having a hard time relating to that.
rjgbyrne  +   2032d ago
Unless is adds something to a game it is not necessary...
If the Killer in Heavy Rain was or a story arc, or an over the top stereo type existed for laughs in say Street Fighter, then cool. I think the bi-sexual thing in able 2 could have been great if we had Ricky Gervais doing the voice and acting over the top camp, ha! As for the games with gay characters, they add nothing to the games value. Bigotry has nothing to do with it either. I don't think it matters so long as the gaming experience is fun and I don't think Gay people want to be recognized in video games either. The gay strip in GTA 4 was funny though, as was picking up a fat hooker and hearing the suspension going in the car. Funny and not meant to be serious but it gave an extra depth to the act of prostitution.
DelbertGrady  +   2032d ago
Where's Nathan "You've got a great ass, Sully" Drake? If you don't know what I'm talking about replay the first jungle part in UC2.

Anyways, how could they not have Makoto from Enchanted Arms on the list?
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Kyur4ThePain  +   2032d ago
Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
kraze07  +   2032d ago
Not gay, bi, or curious myself but it would be interesting to see more LGBT characters in video games. What really annoys me is that most gay men in entertainment are portrayed as the "hollywood metrosexual" type. It's like back then when most blacks roles in video games and movies were "ghetto" roles.
distorted_reality  +   2032d ago
Pretty sure that hasn't changed.
kraze07  +   2032d ago
In video games yeah but not so much in movies anymore. Will Smith started a revolution.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2032d ago

I'll leave this one to celebrities and media types who, because of their standing, obviously know what's "right".

Neglect the mind of a being who created the universe and give in to what feels good.

It's a perfect plan.

Well, it worked for every other civilization...right?

dinkeldinkse  +   2032d ago
I am completly indifferent to your post.
hazelamy  +   2032d ago
funny, i don't tend to take the advice of petty, vindictive, genocidal deities.
madjedi  +   2032d ago
No whats really funny is all the murders, rapes, genocide ect, religious wars/hatred god is blamed for if he even exists.

Wasn't responsible for them it is the people who claim to be preaching/obeying god's will/words and their followers/subordinates that committed those crimes.

So i would be more worried about the various religious groups that react with extreme measures when something contradicts what they believe is the truth or "right" way.

So far all we have seen from god, is supposedly a massive flood the killed all the non believers, almost two thousand years ago. That can't be even scientifically verified to even happened, yet we know how old our universe is.

It humans you should be mistrustful of, not an entity that may or may not even exist.
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Jack-Pyro  +   2032d ago
Your Talking about the FSM aren't you?

May his Marinara Shine Upon Us!
Esena  +   2032d ago
Yes Hazelamy and Jack Pyro, you guys were the first two to ever write such profound refutations to the existence of God.

Instead of assuming the stupidity of those who believe in God, why don't you ask questions first... Because, your responses only make you look stupid.
Jack-Pyro  +   2032d ago
Are you...
Mocking My Religion!

That sir is intolerable and I now challenge you to fisticuffs!


In all seriousness Esena, you need to take a fucking pill.

I'm agnostic so that means I believe in a higher power, but I don't follow some religion that quite frankly couldn't possibly have a clue as to the wills or intents of such a powerful being.

If a thinking entity created something as large as the universe, the possible multiverses, and still possibly more the megaverse in once cosmic explosion that took place within the blink of an eye, What makes you think he gives two shits about us, a small, ungrateful, self-destructive, group of semi-sentient beings.

As far as I'm concerned, There's no religion on the face of this earth that truly knows "Gods" Will.

So if I wanna crack an FSM joke every once in awhile, I'm gonna!
#10.4.1 (Edited 2032d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Esena  +   2032d ago
A pill? Right... Couldn't that same pill be applied to you? Your response was much more agitated than mine.

As far as the answer to your question goes... the bible. Simple and plain.

Oh and yes I am well aware I am about to get PMs and replies from so-called "biblical experts." Fire your questions/responses away. :)
dinkeldinkse  +   2032d ago
I really don't know why this is brought up
95% of video games characters don't have a known sexuality because there is no purpose for it.
kraze07  +   2032d ago
There is a purpose for it. It's called depth. The deeper a character's story and background is the better the game is imo.
HumanStark  +   2032d ago
That's just not true. The vast majority of game characters are involved in romances or display some type of attraction to a character. Even Mario is largely defined by his relationship with the princess. In fact, the most common video game motivation is save the girl, get a kiss.
Darkstorn  +   2032d ago
I don't know about that; it seems like these days more characters are motivated to save and protect 'intangible concept X' (X being their family, their planet, their country, etc.) from a malicious outside force than anything else.
FerrisRocksFaces  +   2032d ago
Can't argue with Variety.
I wouldn't mind seeing a little more flavor in some of the more lackluster story lines I've played through. Half of the issue with RPG story line's (Or really, any story line) is that the characters just aren't interesting. They're all the same person. I have a few friends that make my life interesting, and they do so because they're all ridiculous, and different. Nothing wrong with a little flavor.
Raypture  +   2032d ago
gay doesn't sell in videogames because to the NA market you have two sides opposed to it: Diehard religous nuts who say making a choice that can help us by keeping the population down is a abomination, and on the other stereotypical teenage brats that have made words like faggot and gay lose all original meaning into just a meaningless insult, and which most look at you as a lesser person if you're gay because it's not what the majority of society deems appropriate. Surprise: most of the people who play video games are teenage brats/college kids.

I wouldn't mind more variety in characters sexual preference for the sake of more plot variety but if it won't sell well they won't do it.
dizzleK  +   2032d ago
leave it up to the players, the way bioware does it.
turok  +   2032d ago
how about...
... MOAR YURI AMIRITE xD. more AerisxTifa xD. lulz.

alright that aside its all up to the game devs for that stuff. I dont care so as long as its a good game and if its crap game mechanics then it better be a good romance cliche.
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dalehitchy  +   2032d ago
coming from a gay person.... i enjoy seeing a gay person repreented in a game... it was nice to see an open gay character in fahrenheit / indigo prophecy... even if he was camp. wish there was more.

however it wouldnt make me buy the game for that reason.. im a gamer first and formost... the game has to be good, the story has to fit...

america seems much less open minded about sexuality in gaming then england.. alot of my friends wudnt care... and AMERICA... out of ALL the gamers in your country... im sure a large proportion would me gay....
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FalconR289  +   2032d ago
Rain and Hana from Fear Effect 2 are just two girls looking for a good time cuz is was mentiond in one of the Fear Effect games that Rain and Hana also had a thing for Royce Glas or it was leading up to in Fear Effect 3 that never came out.

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