Hands On With The Slim PSP, Star Wars Fans Pay Attention

It's been a couple weeks since the slimmed down PSP made its debut, but CrunchGear now has a few hands on pictures, some details about future firmware upgrades and when we might see VoIP. Oh and there's a special edition white PSP for the Star Wars fans.

The new PSP weighs about 100 grams less than its predecessor, now weighs 189g, and the D-pad and analog stick are much improved...

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AznSniper3913d ago

yea especially for people who collect star wars stuff

djt233913d ago

yea i might try in my old psp and buy a new one

TLSBill3913d ago

I always wanted the White Gran Turismo one they showed off but never released, but I don't need Darth Vader on my PSP.

But even a white PSP with nice small changes is not worth buying a 2nd PSP for. I'll stick with my original.

Shaka2K63913d ago

Cant wait to get my superior slim PSP.
though im not a Star Wars fan, i love the FFVII-AC Edition.

vudu3913d ago

I'm actually looking forward to getting my hands on one of these. The TV output is my biggest curiosity.

PS360WII3913d ago

looking forward to faster load times as well ^^

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